Science at the Archeology/Art Interface:
3rd Science and Art Symposium at Pratt Institute
April 20th – 21st, 2009

Monday, April 20th
Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence, Mobile Nuclear Magnetic Resonance applied to Art

Pratt Brooklyn Campus, ARC Building, Room E2

4:00 PM

Introduction – Results of the field trips in Chemistry for the Arts: Volterra and Herculaneum, Italy
Eleonora Del Federico
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics and Science, Pratt Institute



X-Ray Fluorescence studies of the Madonna del Carcere at the Fortezza Medici, Volterra and at the Church of Santa Maria al Monasterio Cavrigila, Arezzo, Italy
Vicki Boardman
Graduate Research Assistant Chemistry and Art, Pratt Institute, MS/MFA Art History/Painting 2009


The detection of hidden frescoes by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: A collaborative project between Pratt and RTWH, University of Aachen, Germany
Agnes Haber
Ph.D candidate in Physics, RTWH Aachen University


Fresco techniques employed in the Veneto during the Cinquecento
Diana Gisolfi
Professor of History of Art and Director of Pratt in Venice


How does ultramarine blue fade?
Eleonora Del Federico
Department of Mathematics and Science, Pratt Institute


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of oil stains on paper: A Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pratt Institute and New York University collaborative project
Cindie Kehlet
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics and Science, Pratt Institute


Coffee, Poster session, Portable X-Ray Fluorescence and portable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance workshops
Pratt Mathematics and Science Department, Chemistry and Art Lab (ARC building D4)
Poster session will include presentations by Alessio Ciampini (ArtLab, Volterra, Italy), Laura Capozoli (University of Florence, Chemistry Department), Carola Garcia Manzano (MS candidate Archeology, Hunter College) and the following Pratt students and Chemistry research assistants: Penelope Currier (Fashion Design '09), Daria Sourova (Painting '09), Megan Welchel (Art History '09)


Tuesday, April 21st (Morning)
Artists' Techniques

Pratt Brooklyn Campus, Metal Shop, Machinery Building, 3rd Floor

10:00 AM

Bronze casting workshop (through 3:30 pm)
Licio Isolani
Professor of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute
Ceramic Shell Casting Process presented by Gina Miccinnilli, Professor of Fine Arts, William Patterson University


Tuesday, April 21st (Afternoon)
Science, Art and Archeology

Pratt Brooklyn Campus, ARC Building, Room E2

2:30 PM

The Medici Textiles at San Girolamo, Volterra Italy: History and significance
Laura Ciampini
Textile and Costume Conservation Department, the University of Florence, Italy

3:00 PM

IMAGELESS: The scientific study and experimental treatment of an Ad Reinhardt Black Painting
Carol Stingiari
Chief Conservator at the Guggenheim Museum

3:30 PM

Advanced methods for the study and conservation of archeological glass
Hannelore Roemich
Professor of Conservation Science, Acting Chairman, the Conservation Center, New York University


Scientific studies for the authenticity of ancient Cambodian sculpture
Federico Caro
Andrew W. Mellon Conservation Science Fellow at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


The gentleman's sound: acoustic properties of ancient Chinese jades
Filippo Salviati
Professor of Chinese Art, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Rome 'La Sapienza'


The Herculaneum Conservation Project, a large scale multidisciplinary approach for the preservation of the ancient Roman city
Alessandra De Vita
Archeological conservator, Coordinator of Scientific Research, the Herculaneum Conservation Project, Italy


Results on an NMR and XRF study of the Mosaic at the house of Neptune and Amphitrite at Herculaneum. A collaborative project between Pratt, RWTH, University of Aachen, and the Herculaneum Conservation Project
Eleonora Del Federico (Associate Professor of Chemistry, Pratt Institute Department of Math and Science) and Carola Garcia Manzano (MS student in Archeology, Hunter College)


Coffee Break

Tuesday, April 21st (Evening)
Science, Conservation and Paintings

Pratt Brooklyn Campus, ARC Building, Room E2

6:30 PM

The Conservation of the Belles Heures of the Duke of Berry an illuminated manuscript on parchment at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Akiko Yamazaki-Kleps
Paper Conservator, Sherman Fairchild Center for Works on Paper and Photograph Conservation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Technical Study of Three Allegorical Paintings by Paolo Veronese
Silvia Centeno
Research Scientist, Scientific Research Department, the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Closing remarks
Eleonora Del Federico
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics and Science, Pratt Institute


For More Information / Contact:

Prof. Eleonora Del Federico
(718) 636-3764